Welcome to Marka Exports Inc.

Marka Exports was founded in 1997 as a distributor of high quality electronic communication and navigation equipment for our extensive agent and partner network in Brazil and South America. We are specialized in delivering equipment packages with project integration for pleasure boat, cruise liner, yachts, fishing vessels, river boats, deep-sea vessels, supply vessels, platforms and special projects.

For our Brazilian clients, we offered great value and quality equipment solutions including a first class engineering, service and technical support team. Our agents in Brazil offer full service project development, installation, service and communications air time setup. A complete professional package to meet the needs of the Brazilian marine industry.

Our company was dissoluted in Dec/2015 to give space to a big change in our operations. 

Our business was taken over by our Brazilian associate Radiomar Eletronica Naval Ltda. That means that our customers and suppliers shall contact Radiomar for the continuation of our business.

Radiomar contact details as follows: 

Radiomar Eletronica Naval Ltda
Rua Conde de Lages 44 gr 1201 - Gloria
CEP 20241-080  -  Rio de Janeiro  -  RJ  -  Brazil

E-mail: radiomar@radiomar.com

Tel: +55 21 2187-2437 (Commercial Dep)

Thank you.