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Marka Exports is a distributor of high quality electronic communication and navigation equipment. We are the warehouse and distribution point for our extensive agent and partner network in Mexico, Central and South America.

Together with our strategic agents and partners, we specialize in delivering equipment packages with project integration for pleasure boat, cruise liner, yachts, fishing vessels, river boats, deep-sea vessels, supply vessels, platforms and special projects.

For our Brazilian clients, we offer great value and quality equipment solutions including a first class engineering, service and technical support team. Our agent in Brazil offers full service project development, installation, service and communications air time setup. A complete professional package to meet the needs of the Brazilian marine industry.

For our Latin American clients, we offer unsurpassed value, quality and a first class sales and technical support team. Marka also offers engineering support and quality service through our agents and partners in Latin America.

Both clients can count on training courses for operation and/or basic maintenance on represented equipment, in English, Spanish or Portuguese.

Our location in South Florida, USA allows us to expedite shipments efficiently and cost effective to any location.
Please call, fax or e-mail us to further assist you with your quality electronic communication and navigation equipment needs.

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